Common Sense Beginnings

George Washington is my hero.  In reading the stories of the American Revolution and of the work, overwhelming despair at times, and the hand of Providence that surrounded the founding of the American nation, I have found a deeper respect and awe for how unique America’s birth was.  I am reading through some of the founders writings, hearing their response to the clarion of freedom.  The founder’s words are in normal font, while my comments are italic and underlined.  My purpose is to learn from our past, to discern the passion and intent of the author, and to help to ignite in my heart the same flame that burned in theirs.

First on the list to read is “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine.  Mentioned in most every account that I have read, this foundational persuasive document for our separation from Britain was key.  I hope to lean why exactly, and see what tyrannies of then are the same and different from today.



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