The Faithful Spy by Alex Berenson

The Faithful SpyI saw an ad for the latest book by Alex Berenson, The Shadow Patrol, and thought I would see if the library had any other books by him.  I found and started with the first book in the John Wells series, The Faithful Spy.

I found this to be just good reading.  Not too hard & full of action, I appreciated how Berenson gets to the point much more quickly than Tom Clancy (352 pages vs. 864 for Clancy’s Locked On).  The whole story is about John Wells, the only CIA agent who has successfully infiltrated al-Qaeda.  Wells was in Afghanistan for several years before 9/11 and didn’t know of the attacks ahead of time.  He remains with al-Qaeda after the big attack and gains the trust with the organization.  But as he gains trust of the terrorists he lives among, he begins to lose it with his handlers in the CIA.  Years between contacts takes its toll, but finally Wells is selected to join the next big attack on the US.  Neither side trusts Wells is who he says he is, but can he get them to trust him enough to stop the big event?  I won’t spoil the answer for you, but since there are several other books in the series you can make your own inference.

This is a good book to finish off in a weekend or while on a trip where you have to fly – once the TSA gets finished sticking their hands down your pants after they radiate you, you’ll be really ready to read about John Wells putting the hurt on someone else’s plans.

Alex Berenson

Alex Berenson


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