The Ghost War by Alex Berenson

After a great start to his fiction writing career, you may be wanting to move on to Alex Berenson’s second book in his John Wells series “The Ghost War”.  My advice to you – don’t take the time to read it.

The Faithful Spy was such a well written and intriguing story that I was very much looking forward to reading the sequel.  I was disappointed.  The writing seemed to fall off, the idea was not very novel, and the points were just stretched too thin to be credible to even a sci-fi/military action fiction junkie like me.  The basic plot line is this – John Wells is going through personal angst (Berenson’s imaginings of PTSD & self loathing) after returning from a decade long undercover CIA assignment.  Credited with saving Manhattan, he drifts aimlessly without a mission to devote his life to.  On the other side of the globe, a top-ranking Chinese general makes a power move.  The general engineers a confrontation with the USA and of course, the only one who can stop the war is John Wells.  Wells gets called in to make contact with the one spy in the Chinese government that has the information to stop the war.  After getting captured in Bejing trying to obtain the critical data, he is then rescued from prison by that same spy.  Together they drive to the coast, take a boat out into the middle of the ocean, and then follow the giant napalm beacon made by an exploding C-130 to rescue.  Yeah, I had to suspend my disbelief more for this novel than for any Stargate episode.

If you think that you will miss out on the some of the back plot line and that you have to slog through this story so you won’t miss some interesting details, take it from me – you won’t.  Skip straight to The Silent Man  – you won’t reget it.


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