News Article: Russian Airborne training in the US

Much ballyhooing has been made over announcements that Russian Airborne troops are going to be training at Fort Carson, near Colorado Springs, CO.  (See the announcement from the official Russian news outlet here)

Some folks have been trumpeting that this is preparation for a Russian invasion in the event of mass civil unrest, Red-Dawn-esque.  The mere presence of foreign troops training with the 10th Special Forces Group at Fort Carson is not a big red flag in my book – heck, that is what Special Forces are trained and tasked with doing.

The thing that could be disturbing is the imaginary terrorist camp that is going to be the target of the raids and training.  I’m sure that some folks would say that Russian troops are being trained to go after American terrorists and government resisters.  Could be true, but most likely not.  Who would you want the training to be against – a small enclave of aliens that escaped from the Stargate in Cheyenne Mountain?  Russia has enough terrorists and internal dissidents of their own that the train in real life on.  This most likely seems to be exactly what it is claimed to be – US Special Forces training foreign troops.  (I read somewhere that they are hoping to push for reforms and improvements in the Russian Airborne forces, but I’m not sure how credible that is).

So Colorado Springs residents, if you see a bunch of skinny tattooed heavily-accented men running around at a Sky Sox game in May, don’t panic.  Those Russians are our guests.  For now.

Airborne Troops in the 2009 May Day Parade in Moscow


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