Houston County High School Senior Arrested For Dad’s Beer

An 18 year old Senior of Houston County High School gets into his 4 door pickup truck and drives to school. All is normal.

Later in the school day the young man goes to the truck to put his book bag into the truck. The young man opens the front door of the truck and tosses his book bag in the seat. As he closes the door he gets a glimpse of beer behind the driver’s seat in the floorboard.

After the young man saw the beer he knew it was not his beer. He knew his dad had driven the truck. Afraid he threw a jacket over the beer in the floorboard.

As the 18 year old young man left the truck he was approached by Houston County Sheriff Deputy Scott Wilson. The young man was carried to the office…

Read the rest of the story on Rickey Stokes here…

This gets my official “Come on, man” for today.  Just a little bit of discretion please?  I hope Sheriff Andy Hughes will use some common sense in this instance.


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