I don’t agree with Jon Rappoport’s cosmology.  I not quite sure I fully understand his points about the matrix that he says we live in.  But his latest post wipes the floor with the foolishness of our President and the ludacris beaurocratic banking despotism that is the United States today.

Jon Rappoport

 He paced the floor and scratched his chin. He went to his desk and made a few notes on a legal pad.

 Obama thought about it and finally came up with a really good reason to own a gun: “hunting and shooting are part of a cherished national heritage.”

 Glad he cleared that one up.

 Expecting the president of the United States to say the 2ndAmendment is there to protect citizens against an oppressive government is like expecting Dick Cheney to put himself in jail for shooting his friend in the face with a shotgun.

 The president of the United States perfectly represents the oppressive government that the Constitution was shaped to avoid.

 If you want to know why the Constitution is no longer studied in school, look no further than the previous sentence.

 A twelve-year old reads the Constitution, stands up in class and says, “It seems like this document was written to prevent the kind of government we have now.”

 “Careful, kid, that could be interpreted as a terrorist remark. Let me call DHS and check on it.”

 Let’s review. The right to own a gun stems from the idea of property. Property means you own something absolutely. A piece of land, a house, your own body. Something to defend. The right to own a gun stems from the idea of family, too. You have a family. You can protect them.

 So, for example, and I know this is a ridiculous example, because it would never happen, but if you were sitting in a movie theater and three people came in with guns and started shooting up the place, you could protect your body by removing your gun from your holster and shooting back.

 If someone from the government came to your house and told you you had to have your children vaccinated, or you had to allow your daughter to have chemotherapy with a drug that could burn the paint off a car, you could show that person your gun. Your neighbors, hearing of this problem, could arrive with their guns, too, just to remind the government representative what the term “limited powers” means.

 While holding your gun, you could explain that “we are not in this all together,” that every citizen has the right to choose what to do with his property.

 In a similar situation, and again this would never happen, suppose you were collecting rainwater in big barrels on your property, and a brain-damaged government employee dropped by and told you this was an illegal act. Suppose your rational explanation didn’t work, didn’t penetrate at all. You could remove your gun from your holster and display it, to emphasize your point.

 Or suppose you were growing lots of food on your front lawn, or your child was selling lemonade on that same lawn, or, God forbid, you were smoking, or smoking marijuana, on your porch, or you were studying the Bible with friends in your house, or you were building a second house on your land, or you were baking cookies and selling them to your neighbors, or you were putting up a windmill, or your 11-year-old son was driving your car up and down the driveway, or you were administering herbs to a friend with cancer by mutual agreement and with informed consent, or you were digging a well, or you were flying a large American flag from a pole, or you were burying your dead dog, or your daughter was jumping on a trampoline without a helmet, or you were standing on your front walk filming the police as they were taking to your next-door neighbor…

Continue down the rabbit hole here.



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