Convicted bank robber gets 1,256 years in prison

After serving part of a six-year sentence for a 2003 bank robbery, parolee Daryl Lamont Keener went right back to his old tricks, authorities say, joining an accomplice in eight more bank heists in Colorado Springs.

It’s unlikely there will be a repeat performance.

Keener, 31, was sentenced Friday to 1,256 years in prison – a result of Colorado’s stiff sentencing for repeat criminals and one of the most severe penalties in El Paso County’s recent history.

“It’s shocking,” said Shimon Kohn, a defense attorney unaffiliated with the case. “I’ve been practicing criminal law in this jurisdiction since 2000, and I’ve never heard of these kinds of numbers, ever.”…

Among Keener’s charges related to the spree were multiple counts alleging he is a “habitual offender” – a sentence enhancer with the potential to quadruple penalties. Under Colorado’s sentencing laws, the multiplier would apply to each named victim in every bank robbed by Keener.

Getting to a total in excess of 1,200 years, however, required Judge Prince to exercise his discretion to stack those sentences rather than rolling all eight robberies together for a single triple-digit sentence.
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Judge David Scott Prince

A Denver post article describes Judge Prince thusly while describing his consideration for the Colorado Supreme Court in 2010: “Since April 2006, Prince has presided over civil and criminal cases in the 4th Judicial District and is described by lawyers who practice before him as a diligent judge with exceptional intellect and fairness.”

I don’t know about you, but sentencing someone to prison for 5 TIMES as long as the United States has been a nation does not sound like a reasonable man I would want as a judge anywhere.  You might get a few months in the slammer for spitting on the sidewalk or picking flowers…


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