Challenging Assumptions: Does the U.S. Actually Have a Border Security Problem?


I read an interesting article written by Michael Hogan asking if we actually have a border security problem.  He cites numerous statistics from various groups that tend to show a decrease in border violence.  There are probably counter-arguments and poor number counting in some of the sources he cites.  I applaud, though, his challenge to a groupthink many conservatives in America have regarding immigration & border security.  Hogan writes:

“However, there needs to be a point to increasing border security. Those advocating for more fences, more people, and more technology on the border must present a goal which they are trying to achieve…  The problem lies not in whether there should be more security, but whether there is an obtainable goal in increasing it. Instead of asking whether we have a border security problem, we should ask what exactly is that problem, and how can we fix it?

Agree or disagree with his conclusion, what a great question to ask!

The entire article can be found at


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