The Machiavellian Strategy

“For you all still clinging to the Iniquitous Gutter Republic that was America, what has happened for the first time in history is that the Machiavellian strategy of stealing other people’s money in order to give away free s*** and maintain the faux appearance of generosity to the people who could hang you from the bridge by your squishy bits has now reached its ultimate and inevitable evil climax.  Instead of stealing horizontally in real time from conquered territories, or even from a numerically small and easily vilified upper class, and then the middle class bogged down to complete inertia by its own material decadence, the “princes” of our day are victimizing a class of people that are totally incapable of resisting or defending themselves against the princes in any way.

Yep.  People who haven’t been born yet.”

Excerpt from Machiavelli: Now in 4-D! by Ann Barnhardt

Is the “Iniquitous Gutter Republic” over the top?  Yeah, a little, but a defensible statement.  Is the rest of the quote about the current Ponzi scheme of entitlements, bank & industry control, and the complete raiding of the future earnings of America’s children (those who get to be born, at any rate) untrue?  Pretty solid, I say.   -BattleBlue1

Thanks WRSA for the link.






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