Dothan Eagle insinuates suspicion of government is mental illness

Greg Phillips of the Dothan EagleThe Dothan Eagle published a piece titled Mental health a growing concern statewide.  The article begins with:

“Jimmy Lee Dykes’ neighbors knew something was amiss about him long before he shot a bus driver and kidnapped a young boy one year ago.

“He’s the type that thinks the government’s out to get him,” Michael Creel told the Dothan Eagle on the day the hostage crisis began. “He’s not right in the head.”

The author of this article, Greg Phillips, is a 2006 graduate of Troy University, where he majored in Thuganomics, Sports Information, and Print Journalism per his Facebook page.  He’s a great comic book fan.  Perhaps he should put down the comic books and do some research on 

William Binney

Edward Snowden

Kurt and Lori Haskell on the Christmas Day underwear bombing

The collapse of Building Seven of the World Trade Center

Fast and Furious

Franklin Sanders

Don’t hear me say that I think Dykes was right to take hostages or hit dogs with metal pipes.  Per he thought “if you bet $10,000 on a dog and it was about to win, they would hit a microchip they put in them to shock them and slow them down so you couldn’t get your money.”  The government is WAY beyond caring if some guy wins $10k in a dog race (beyond taxing the winnings, of course).

Greg, Dykes was a disturbed man who thought the government was out to get him, along with anyone else who came on his land.  That does not mean very sane people can’t have grave concerns about government and its influence in their lives.  Remember – “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.

Greg Phillips of the Dothan Eagle, Troy University Thuganomics Major (right)



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