What I want my son to be when he grows up

From the Palm Beach Post:

Tony Grein is only 5-feet-6 and 150 pounds. But when a naked, muscle-bound 6-3, 250-pound man attacked his 16-year-old sister Tuesday night outside their Delray Beach home, Grein’s instinct kicked in.

The 18-year-old Boynton Beach High School student tackled the man, narrowly allowing his sister to escape into the home. The assailant, identified as Anesson Joseph of West Palm Beach, bit into Grein’s face during a horrific attack that left the teenager with five stitches in his ear, teeth marks on his face and several nasty scratches.

Tony Grein


After police were called, they couldn’t control the attacker with a Tazer, and when Joseph rushed officers he was shot three times.  He lay on the ground for a few seconds, then tried to attack deputies again.  He died of wounds at the hospital.

From what it sounds like, Tony Grein was a man protecting his sisters.  He didn’t hesitate, but attacked and put his body in between this madman and his sister.  I am hard pressed to think of anything more honorable.  I’ll bet his sister knows she is loved and protected.

Sadly, though, in the state where I live, this young man is not able to carry a pistol concealed for protection of himself and his loved ones.  How much sense does that make?

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away

Another article on the incident can be found here from the Daily Mail.




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