Don’t turn on me

A prisoner is at his first hearing before a judge.  He is in his orange jumpsuit, with handcuffs, leg irons, a belly chain and black box on the handcuffs— the highest level of restraint short of locking someone into a wheelchair.  He is standing still, listening to her speak, and then ask a question in a normal tone of voice.

As he asks the question, a sherriff’s deputy, Brady Lovingier, comes up behind the prisoner and grabs the bellyband chain.  The prisoner, Anthony Waller, turns to see what is going on.  Watch what happens next:

From the Colorado Independent:

The judge had a full view of the September 11, 2012, assault and filed an excessive force grievance against Lovingier. But that didn’t speed up the investigation by a department that long has been criticized for downplaying – and, in some cases, ignoring – abuse by its officers.

A formal response didn’t come until late September 2013, when the city suspended Lovingier for 30 days for the kind of assault that would see a civilian arrested, convicted and incarcerated for in Denver…

The probe resulted in a finding of “misconduct” — specifically “neglect of duty,” “carelessness in performance of duties and responsibilities” and “failure to observe the written departmental or agency regulations.” Lovingier plans on February 20 to appeal his 30-day suspension to the city’s Career Service Authority.

Waller sees the month-long suspension as a mere slap on the wrist. He calls Lovingier’s appeal of the disciplinary action a ”degradation to the sheriff’s department.”

“Every deputy should be offended due to the lack of professionalism exhibited by Deputy Lovingier. Anyone who looks at that tape can see what happened.”

Reading the Denver Sheriff Department report, Deputy Lovingier denied wrongdoing, even when confronted with the video evidence you saw above.  About the only thing that went right about the whole incident was that the handcuffed prisoner Waller did not resist, even after being thrown face-first into a wall for no reason.  If he had resisted, the initial assault by the deputy would have been instantaneously justified AND Waller would have had three other deputies jump in on the punch the meatbag game started by Deputy Lovingier.

I’ve got it!  Maybe Deputy Lovingier was scared that the detained Waller was a terrorist – after all, this incident did take place on September 11, 2012…



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