It matters where you live

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DSpringfield-XD-Suring the last week, three different Detroit homeowners have used guns to defend their lives and their property against intruders and attackers. 

As Breitbart News reported early last week, the first of these instances took place on February 17 when a Detroit mother used an “assault rifle” to fend off intruders armed with a handgun.

They were kicking in her door when she fired from her Hi-Point 9mm carbine, causing two of the intruders to flee. The third intruder picked up the gun he had dropped in the commotion and tried to enter the house a second time, which is when the homeowner opened fire again and ended the invasion.

According to WXYZ ABC7, the next incident happened in the early morning hours of February 22. Two men armed with a tire tool broke into a Detroit home and began attacking the homeowner. While under duress, the homeowner pulled his gun and shot both, killing one. 

Also, just after noon on the 22nd, a woman “pulled her car into the garage when a man with a gun appeared out of nowhere.” She distracted him by dropping her keys to the ground, then pulled her .38 revolver and killed him…”

My thought – I’ll bet those people are glad they live in MICHIGAN, not ILLINOIS.  While you have to have a permit to purchase a pistol in Michigan (very wrong in my opinion), at least they are not as insanely restrictive about firearms ownership as Illinois.  And while the shooters in the article above have to live the rest of their lives with the mental and legal aftermath of the shootings,  I’ll bet they are happy that they live in state where they were allowed to have those weapons legally.

There is nothing worse than going through a life or death confrontation with a criminal intent on hurting you, surviving, and then having MORE people show up with guns and haul you away to live in a little cement and iron box for defending yourself, right?  It is not as if defending your life in your house is one of those natural rights that every person has just by virtue of being born…

Stupid blankety gun control.


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