I can’t understand why police don’t like being recorded

I’m not being facetious with this statement.  I really don’t understand.  Cops love dashcam video.  It shows their chases, it shows all the bad things people did when trying to run from them.  It adds charges (yes, your honor, he ran three stop signs without slowing down).

Video recordings show the truth.  Or at least the truth the camera sees and hears.

Cops should love cameras because they record when someone does something stupid in their presence.  It protects them against unfounded police abuse accusations (your honor, my lapel video shows the defendant raised a red swingline stapler to hit me when I walked into his cubicle).

The public loves video evidence because it doesn’t lie either.  Instead of complicated diagrams and disputing expert witnesses trying to explain just how the police shot the dead person in the back only with no weapon found at the crime scene, just show the jury the dashcam video, the officer lapel video, and the surveillance camera footage of what happened.  It shows where police officers walk across the street to harass and arrest someone videoing them who is obviously NOT interfering with police duties.  How many people now sit in jail because police lied and there was no video to tell the impartial truth, as in this case in Bloomfield, NJ?

So I have to go with the Photography Is Not A Crime crowd and say know the law on recording in your area and Always Record the Police!

Link to Photography Is Not A Crime website

Link to Photography Is Not A Crime


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