One solution to the military budget problem

This sounds surprisingly like the swiss model, and it has worked for them for several hundred years…

I like to torture myself in the morning by listening to the windbags on National Proletarian Radio, the Voice o f Dull International Socialism & Self-Important Do-Gooding. This morning they interviewed the somewhat less than sparkling US Senator from Illinois, Dick Durbin, to solicit his Deep Thoughts about in Ukraine, where he has just paid a meddling visit. This is similar to my visiting your house, complaining about the food and the furniture arrangement & telling you your neighbor called your wife “ugly,” but let that go.

What caught my ear was this billion bucks the US is going to give/loan to Ukraine, part of which they will spend on military. Of course, there’s no way a Ukrainian army could stand up to the entire Russian army, so that’s all a colossal waste of money and of possibly of lives.

Then it hit me: it would be cheaper to buy every man in the country a rifle and a pistol, and a pistol for every woman, and teach ’em all how to make IEDs. Come to think of it, we could do the same in the US. Nobody in his right mind — other than the present US government — would take on a fight like that against a whole nation. And it would be far cheaper than a professional military. In the US, say half the 300 million folks are men, 2/3 old enough to handle a rifle. Buy ’em all a rifle with 1,000 rounds for $200 & teach ’em how to use it. That’s an army of 100 million men for only $20 billion, and you don’t have to pay ’em a cent of retirement. Militia makes sense, professional army doesn’t. But what do I know? I’m no mor’n a natural born fool from Tennessee where we don’t get to print our own money & know better than to meddle in other people’s business for they might shoot you. We’re nice, but we ain’t that nice.

— Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger


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