They Hate Us For Our Raw Milk

Thoughts from a Nonconformist

Fun facts of the day: There are 17 states in the U.S. where it is illegal to buy or sell raw milk for human consumption, and another 8 states where you must buy a share of the cow (referred to simply as a cowshare) in order to be permitted by law to buy raw milk from a farmer. In Europe, you can buy milk in raw form from vending machines; here in the U.S. it can land you in jail.

milk cow

I won’t argue for or against the nutritional and/or health benefits and concerns regarding raw milk here on this platform; that would miss the point entirely. My case, quite simply, is that everyone should be free to make their own educated decision on consuming milk in its raw form.  The fact that you can be incarcerated for buying or selling something as natural as raw milk in this country…

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