Retired Boston PD stooge scolds serfs for not embracing door kicking

Reblogged from ivymikecafe:

Retired Boston PD guy writes letter to the editor about their conduct during the Boston Bombing that perfectly illustrates the disconnect between many enforcers and the people they are supposed to be serving.

The people in this story complained about having to stay in their homes and being intimidated by “big scary men in black with guns” (I’m sure our female officers who were involved would take exception to that characterization). Apparently since no one, let alone the residents of Laurel Street, knew where or even if Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was still in the area, I suppose a cursory search of the area while explaining police tactics to each and every neighbor would suffice in their minds.

Lastly, as to the issue of PTSD, speak to the officers who were at the finish line who ran toward the explosion to help the victims while not knowing if there was a secondary device. Speak to the officers who had to guard a gigantic crime scene for days on end. Sit down with those officers who responded in Cambridge and had to view the body of MIT Officer Sean Collier, who was murdered . . . without a chance to defend himself. Have a cup of coffee with the officers that were dodging bullets fired at them and bombs thrown at them. Listen to a combat veteran who’s been deployed multiple times about the trauma that they still carry with them to this day.

That is PTSD, you were inconvenienced: Recognize the difference, let the professionals do their jobs, and keep your second guessing to yourselves.

Wow. Where does one start.

You guys ignored the supreme law of the land. In other words, you broke the law. People have a pre-existing, natural right to be secure in their homes from unwarranted searches. It is plain as day and there is no wiggle room on this one. Your conduct that day towards your fellow citizens was dishonorable and disgraceful. The people you harassed are on the same side as you are, but you treated them like some kind of occupying army in a hostile country. If you want to play COIN, you have to be nice to people who can supply information and help with the search. That’s the thousands of eyes and ears full of intel that you could have used. Like the guy who found Tsarnaev hiding in his boat by noticing a cover out of place. Something that all of the door kicking, stacking, and generally unprofessional behavior didn’t produce. The Bill of Rights does not disappear because it inconveniences you in doing your job. It is the law, and you are expected to follow it.

Driving down residential streets in up-armored humvees with locked and loaded M4s muzzle-sweeping people looking out their windows is not the act of a friendly group of individuals.
I believe you guys on Team Blue fired over 300 rounds that day when someone pointed guns your way. You might want to remember how someone pointing a gun at you made you feel.

And please, stop with the “poor me” schtick. You’re like a feminist. Big, tough, mean and not to be trifled with, yet a victim as soon as someone starts to question you. Nobody stuck a gun in your mouth one day and said “go be a cop.” Nobody sticks a gun in your mouth every morning and forces you to go to work. That is the profession you chose with all of the carnage and degeneracy that comes with it. I get that its dangerous sometimes, but don’t whine about it. It was your choice.

And stop with the comparison with combat vets. We are not at war with our own people here. You were not on patrol in Ramadi or the Korengal Valley. You did not have small units of guerrillas and grenadiers ambushing you. You were not getting sniped at from multiple directions while trying to move. You were in Boston. It was a bad day to be sure. Four good people died. All of them had plenty of life left to live and plenty to offer the world. Let’s not forget there are dozens of families that have huge physical and mental wounds from the bombs. They count too. Just stop with the “us vs them” thing implying people in uniforms had it worse that day than anyone else. It diminishes you personally and diminishes the entire profession. A lot of people, badge or no, are dealing with the same thing from the bombing. So just stop it.

The people you rousted that day were not “inconvenienced.” They were violated, pure and simple. No amount of your passive-aggressive self-pity can hide that fact. Get over yourself.


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