Ol’ Remus on Global Warming and the galley slaves

The Global Warming scam, long ago exposed for what it is in the sharpest relief possible, goes on and on. It goes on because DC has been captured. The people overwhelmingly opposed the bailouts and buyouts and GM and ObamaCare. It changed nothing. The Global Warming fraud will also go on until it does what it was designed to do: extract the maximum possible wealth from its rightful owners. They knew making it work meant science itself would be eviscerated. For them it was an acceptable cost. Imagine their surprise when capable scientists discovered they had a trade-in value and rushed to accept the bid. In the end the cost was nearly trivial. Big Science folded like a cheap lawn chair. They volunteered in droves to hasten its demolition and spit on the rubble, to the enduring shame and peril of western civilization.

The price of liberty was said to be eternal vigilance. It was not enough. The vigilant warned us repeatedly. We compromised. We accommodated. Now DC is the Voice of the People and we’re their audience. When we’re asked about anything it’s such things as, “are you for the bailouts and payoffs we’ve already passed and paid for by squeezing the blood from every last turnip you’ll ever own which will never be recovered as long as you live? Are you for the True and Accepted Mandatory Fight Against Global Warming? Do you courageously revile the criminal terrorists and mass murderers who oppose it?”

We were tolerant and understanding and well-behaved. We lost. We keep pulling the oars, DC keeps doing as it pleases. In the end it will be one or the other, not both.

via ol remus and the woodpile report





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