Ron Paul On True Prosperity


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Ron Paul as you have never seen him

Ron Paul as I’ll bet you have never never seen him before…  I like it!

(There may be some bad language in this – I don’t remember hearing any, but I may have missed it.  Of course, any foul words come from the mouths of the ignoramouses disagreeing with Dr. Paul.)



Making our own terrorists

A quote from a post by T.L. Davis at Christian Mercenary:

“While police departments become more militarized with tanks, armor and drones and federal government bureaucracies arm themselves with billions of rounds of ammunition (including the Post Office), it leaves the average American with a sense of dread. 

It can not be for self-defense; no one is attacking them. There is no great crime-wave and where crime is worse; more prolific, the cops don’t seem to go. To be honest, with all of the increased firepower, ammunition and drones at their disposal it is difficult to understand how they have not had any impact on the crime rate at all.

Perhaps it is because these new tactics and powers are not being used to fight crime, but to be prepared to fight us: the American citizen. That is the dread one feels when they see black cars with heavily-armed men in sunglasses roll down the street. It is an image of gut revulsion, because it is so far from the Andy Griffith image of the 1960’s when per capita crime was much higher.

It must be in preparation for some civil unrest to come, something they know that we don’t. Yet, to be honest, apart from the infuriatingly law-abiding Tea Party, there has been no significant unrest after the government took trillions of dollars of private capital out of the economic system and gave it to bankers and favored state governments. If the government can do that on the immense scale that it has without riots, it is hard to imagine a situation under which all of these police powers and equipment might be necessary. 

The prospect of terrorism? Give me a break. The only terrorists that exist to any degree in America are the terrorists they have created by re-defining veterans and Christians as terrorists.

Christan – check.

Veteran – check.

Ron Paul supporter – check.

Homeshooler – check.

Anti-GMO – check.

I guess my mama raised a terrorist.  I hope she is proud.

Flag Stamps

Flag Stamps

On a side note, if you click to get the MIAC report and look at this page, you see that a stamp issued by the US Postal Service in 2000 is a terrorist symbol.

Ron Paul continues to win Iowa caucus!

Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul emerged from the Iowa state convention with a clear majority of the delegates being sent by the state to the GOP national convention in Tampa in August. Paul won 21 of the 25 contestable delegates, and will have 23 of the 28 total delegates Iowa will send to Tampa.

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Capable hands in the next administration

While reading an article concerning the ongoing Republican state convention going on in Oklahoma, I couldn’t stop laughing at a comment someone made on the article:

“No reason for Mitt to get nervous. The country will be in capable hands during the Paul administration.”


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Ron Paul

Ron Paul’s stealth state convention takeover

From the Washington Post – Paul supporters are increasing the candidate’s support by taking over state party committees and educating fellow Paul fans in arcane rules.