Some Rights are More Equal than Others | SlowFacts

Some Rights are More Equal than Others | SlowFacts.


ATF’s purchase reporting requirement gives lie to ‘military features’ test


The only “military feature” that gun ban groups really care about is that military arms are expected to fire when the trigger is pulled. That’s what they want banned, and the BATFE stands ready to enforce that ban.

via Sipsey Street Irregulars: ATF’s purchase reporting requirement gives lie to ‘military features’ test.


Stopping the madness

Today I bring to you two articles from our nations capitol, the District of Columbia.  You see, there are so many robbers and other criminals that use violence against others to get what they want that it is illegal to possess any firearm unless you get a permit AND that firearm meets the requirements of this sixteen page DC police “Firearms Eligible for Registration” guide.   Now to be fair, only three of those pages are rules about guns – the last thirteen is just a exclusive list of pistols you are generously permitted to own if you apply for and receive a weapons permit.  Unless you have a permit for a weapon, you can’t have ammunition (live or spent shells) or that is a crime against the public safety too.

There have been two relatively recent cases where the absurdity of these laws was on full display.  A recently discharged soldier accidentally brought some pistol ammunition into the District of Columbia.  Security guards at the Veterans Affairs office found it and hauled him off to the police station for arrest and processing.

muzzleloaderjpg_s640x853A second case even more crazy was where a DC resident was found guilty of being in possession of muzzle loading bullets.  Now muzzle loaders ARE legal to own in the district.  They require bullet, powder, and a percussion cap to fire to weapon.  But this man, seen here on the right, was convicted of “illegal possession of ammunition” for having just a few lead bullets in his house.

Steal millions from those you “represent” and have others point guns at them to ensure you get your hush money – ok!  Forget to check your bag from a day at the range, or have some formed lead in your posession – bad!